2020-11-22 22:37

Support Asset Allocation

I would love for fava to have some kind of support for Asset Allocation with some graphics (i.e. sunburst). A few days ago I asked over on reddit and was told to open an issue to ask for this.

The reddit post for context:

Hey guys,

I switched to Beancount/Fava half a year ago so I am still in early learning phase. However I would like for Fava to show my Asset Allocation (using current prices for my investments, etc.) so I know where I am and what to rebalance.

I know how to create a custom link in Fava's sidebar and use it to show my weekly budget for groceries and such. But I think what I want is a little more involved:

Accounts to use:

Assets:Fixed:Immo:App1 (Risk class 1)

Assets:Fixed:Immo:App1 (Risk class 1)

Assets:Fixed:Annuity (Risk class 1)

Assets:Invest:ETF:Vanguard (Risk class 3)

Assets:Invest:ETF:Dividend (Risk class 3)

I have a few more accounts under Assets:Invest but those are used for trading and not part of my long term allocation.

So my question is: How do I get Fava to combine those Accounts and show me a nice breakdown by risk class and create a sunburst diagram as it does in Trial balance view?

Hope this is not too big of an ask any help would be appreciated!

I think some support for grouping various accounts would be useful for this so one gets a nice chart for group A vs group B. Plus groups would be more generic (I think).

TL;DR; I want fava to show my Asset Allocation across multiple accounts by risk class (or any other grouping) so one can see what is necessary for a rebalancing.


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