2020-11-24 19:05

Fix WP8

Force the focus of the camera Fix the plugin when the back button is pressed Fix the plugin when the app is tombstoned


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  • weixin_39636333 weixin_39636333 5月前

    +1 to merge, because no way to cancel scanning in current implementation

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  • weixin_39552304 weixin_39552304 5月前

    +1 to merge

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  • weixin_39960920 weixin_39960920 5月前

    this is a very important fix to merge ASAP!

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  • weixin_39568889 weixin_39568889 5月前

    looks like some part of this functionality was already implemented in https://github.com/wildabeast/BarcodeScanner/pull/226 Could you please rebase your changes to include that PR so we will be able to merge both of them?

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  • weixin_39767124 weixin_39767124 5月前

    I close this pull request. I have created a new one into the new official repo (https://github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugin-barcodescanner)

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