2020-11-25 07:26

Virtual effects camera prevents activation of physical USB camera

When the selected camera in Wire is a virtual effects camera*, and the virtual camera service is not running, I cannot change the selection in Wire to activate the attached USB camera.

  • Youcam / Perfectcam / Manycam, etc

Wire for web version: 3.12.3423 Browser version: Wire desktop Operating system: Windows 10


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  • weixin_39933508 weixin_39933508 5月前

    Is this what you see?


    I think I have the same problem


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  • weixin_39922683 weixin_39922683 5月前

    Yes, the camera selection list is disabled. If I start (or uninstall) the virtual camera service, everything is back to normal.

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  • weixin_39933508 weixin_39933508 5月前

    Same, thanks a lot for your contribution

    Unfortunately after raising millions Wire still hasn't managed to hire people who care about acknowledging constructive bug reports.

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  • weixin_39745269 weixin_39745269 5月前

    https://github.com/wireapp/wire-webapp/issues/7018 https://github.com/wireapp/wire-webapp/issues/6156 https://github.com/wireapp/wire-webapp/issues/4454 https://github.com/wireapp/wire-webapp/issues/6282 https://github.com/wireapp/wire-webapp/issues/7083 https://github.com/wireapp/wire-webapp/issues/6837 https://github.com/wireapp/wire-desktop/issues/3709 https://github.com/wireapp/wire-desktop/issues/2703 https://github.com/wireapp/wire-desktop/issues/3735 https://github.com/wireapp/wire-desktop/issues/3472

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  • weixin_39831039 weixin_39831039 5月前

    We improved the media device management a lot and tested it with Snap Camera. Please report back if the problem still exists.

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