oracle 11g ORA-00445:每个月数据库都会死,pl/sql登录不上

每个月数据库都会无缘无故的死掉,重启数据库又正常了,下面是alert_orcl.log里面的日志,window服务器内存8G ,oracle版本11gR2,这个是什么原因导致的呢
Tue Oct 28 20:18:25 2014
Errors in file d:\oracle\diag\rdbms\orcl\orcl\trace\orcl_cjq0_2628.trc (incident=65106):
ORA-00445: background process "J000" did not start after 120 seconds
Incident details in: d:\oracle\diag\rdbms\orcl\orcl\incident\incdir_65106\orcl_cjq0_2628_i65106.trc
kkjcre1p: unable to spawn jobq slave process
Errors in file d:\oracle\diag\rdbms\orcl\orcl\trace\orcl_cjq0_2628.trc:
Tue Oct 28 20:18:28 2014
Trace dumping is performing id=[cdmp_20141028201828]
Tue Oct 28 20:20:16 2014
Thread 1 cannot allocate new log, sequence 6830
Private strand flush not complete
Current log# 1 seq# 6829 mem# 0: D:\ORACLE\ORADATA\orcl\REDO01.LOG
Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 6830 (LGWR switch)
Current log# 2 seq# 6830 mem# 0: D:\ORACLE\ORADATA\orcl\REDO02.LOG
Starting up:
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production
With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options.
Using parameter settings in server-side spfile D:\ORACLE\PRODUCT\11.2.0\DBHOME_1\DATABASE\SPFILEorcl.ORA
System parameters with non-default values:
processes = 1000
sga_max_size = 3104M
memory_target = 3504M
memory_max_target = 3504M
control_files = "D:\ORACLE\ORADATA\orcl\CONTROL01.CTL"
db_block_size = 8192
compatible = ""
db_recovery_file_dest = "D:\oracle\flash_recovery_area"
db_recovery_file_dest_size= 3912M
undo_tablespace = "UNDOTBS1"
remote_login_passwordfile= "EXCLUSIVE"
db_domain = ""
dispatchers = "(PROTOCOL=TCP) (SERVICE=orclXDB)"
audit_file_dest = "D:\ORACLE\ADMIN\orcl\ADUMP"
audit_trail = "DB"
db_name = "orcl"
open_cursors = 300
diagnostic_dest = "D:\ORACLE"
Tue Oct 28 20:50:40 2014


Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. :“凡事只要有可能出错,那就一定会出错。”


Dump continued from file: /opt/ora11g/diag/rdbms/prodb/ORABJ/trace/ORABJ_cjq0_4189.trc

ORA-00445: background process "J000" did not start after 120 seconds

*** 2013-07-10 09:13:24.852

*** SESSION ID:(618.5) 2013-07-10 09:13:24.852

*** CLIENT ID:() 2013-07-10 09:13:24.852

*** SERVICE NAME:(SYS$BACKGROUND) 2013-07-10 09:13:24.852

*** MODULE NAME:() 2013-07-10 09:13:24.852

*** ACTION NAME:() 2013-07-10 09:13:24.852

Dump continued from file: /opt/ora11g/diag/rdbms/prodb/ORABJ/trace/ORABJ_cjq0_4189.trc

ORA-00445: background process "J000" did not start after 120 seconds

【ID 1379200.1】中对这个错误的描述:

What does this message mean ?

The message indicates that we failed to spawn a new process at the Operating System level to serve the request. There are various causes for this issue. This typically occurs when there is a shortage or misconfiguration in Operating System Resources, and thereby the problem should be investigated from an OS perspective. However there are a few causes related to the Oracle Database as well.

The default 120 seconds (after which Oracle times out) can be extended dynamically (without a database restart) by setting the following event:

$ sqlplus / as sysdba

alter system set events '10281 trace name context forever, level xxx';

-- where xxxxxx is the number of seconds to timeout at.

eg: alter system set events '10281 trace name context forever, level 300';





按照文档【ID 1379200.1】中所说的检查了操作系统的参数设置,发现有些参数设置有问题。




  1. kernel.randomize_va_space

Issues caused by the Linux feature Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR

This problem is reported in Redhat 5 and Oracle You can verify whether ASLR is being used as follows:

/sbin/sysctl -a | grep randomize

kernel.randomize_va_space = 1

If the parameter is set to any value other than 0 then ASLR is in use. Refer the document for details:

Note 1345364.1: ORA-00445: Background Process "xxxx" Did Not Start After 120 Seconds

The solution will be to disable ASLR


The parameter pga_aggregate_target is a numeric value not a boolean value and therefore must be set to a number for it to function correctly. By specifying it to a text string, we will try to convert it to a meaningful value but which may be insufficient for your environment

Solution: Properly set PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET to a numeric value.

  1. Setting the PRE_PAGE_SGA to TRUE or Altering SGA_SIZE with PRE_PAGE_SGA set to TRUE

PRE_PAGE_SGA instructs Oracle to read the entire SGA into active memory at instance startup. Operating system page table entries are then prebuilt for each page of the SGA. This setting can increase the amount of time necessary for instance startup, but it is likely to decrease the amount of time necessary for Oracle to reach its full performance capacity after startup. PRE_PAGE_SGA can increase the process startup duration, because every process that starts must access every page in the SGA, this can cause the PMON process to take longer to start and exceed the timeout which is by default 120 seconds causing the instance startup to fail.

Setting PRE_PAGE_SGA to TRUE can increase the process startup duration, because every process that starts must access every page in the SGA, however overhead can be significant if your system frequently creates and destroys processes by, for example, continually logging on and logging off.

Check whether PRE_PAGE_SGA is set to TRUE


Verify the generate trace for the occurance of function: ksmprepage()

Solution: Setting PRE_PAGE_SGA to FALSE will avoid this code executing so pages are only touched as needed rather than touching every single page when the process starts. This can avoid or minimize the problem from occuring however the underlying cause is still an Operating System resource shortage


  1.   Troubleshooting Guide (TSG) - ksvcreate: Process(xxxx) creation failed / ORA-00445: background process "xxxx" did not start after n seconds [ID 1379200.1]
  2.   Bug 9871302 - Windows: Cannot make new connection to database on Windows platforms with TNS-12560 [ID 9871302.8]
  3.   ORA-00445: Background Process "xxxx" Did Not Start After 120 Seconds [ID 1345364.1]
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OCI连接Oracle调用OCISessionBegin失败:ORA-24314: 未初始化服务句柄
ERROR: ORA-12541: TNS:no listener
oracle 中 ora-06550 ora-00201错误
ORA-03001:未实施的功能 和 ORA-01461: 仅能绑定要插入 LONG 列的 LONG 值
{"ORA-06550: PLS-00306: 调用 '**' 时 错误 ORA-06550:
客户端pl/sql developer,连接linux端oracle服务器出现如下提示:
ORA-04030:在尝试分配8192字节(sort subheap,sort key)时进程内存不足
windows7 系统 oracle12c版本 用自带的PL/SQL 运行下面的代码报错
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我的用PL/sql登陆时出现 ora-28000的错误
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