2020-11-26 19:48


I think we should have a discussion to formalize what workflow is to be used, so as to avoid possible confusion.

To have a common basis for discussion, Attlassian has a pretty good overview of what can be done: Git workflows

Up until recently, the Centralized workflow was used. It is more or less like people used to be working with SVN, plus using the decentralized nature of git. There's now talk of using a develop branch, which is the Gitflow Workflow. It might a bit overkill for what we are doing here. Nevertheless there is a gitflow or even hubflow set of scripts to assist developpers in implementing this. A middle ground is the Feature Branch Workflow. Here's a blog post from a github developer arguing the pros and cons of feature branches vs gitflow. Common to those two workflows is that the master branch is always in a state where it is working. Work in progress is done in branches and is only merged when it is working.

Personnaly, I think the feature branch workflow might more simple and adequate for the size of this sverchok enterprise.



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