2020-11-27 00:57

Malware? HttpServer_Bootstrap-Example triggers URL:Mal warning in Avast

HttpServer_Bootstrap-Example downloads serveral files from:

http://simple.anakod.ru/templates/index.html" http://simple.anakod.ru/templates/bootstrap.css.gz http://simple.anakod.ru/templates/jquery.js.gz

When I try to download them a URL:Mal is triggered in Avast. Its probably a false alert - but then again, warnings about maleware in example code of an IOT-Framework shouldn't be ignored I guess :)

And its a problem indeed because I can't download the above files without disabling avast.

I couldn't figure out what URL:Mal actually means. Maybe its because it is a dangerous looking russian url? :)


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  • weixin_39609620 weixin_39609620 4月前

    Reported: https://support.avast.com/support/tickets/732918, https://support.avast.com/support/tickets/732919, https://support.avast.com/support/tickets/732920

    I can't see what's there because I don't have Avast account :D

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  • weixin_39771260 weixin_39771260 4月前

    Wow that was quick great thanks. My macbook backlight just failed and I'm back to windows and I can't confirm it now. But I guess I can sleep soundly tonight then :)

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  • weixin_39828102 weixin_39828102 4月前

    anakod is the username of the original creator of this framework. Those files are hosted on his website. It is just an example you can use another website of course :)

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  • weixin_39771260 weixin_39771260 4月前

    Thank you I have seen that Anakod is a main contributor. But still that doesn't explain the malware warning. I mean, in theory his server could be hacked without him knowing it for example. Like I said, I know it is probably a false alert. I just wanted to point it out.

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