2020-11-27 06:45

validity_period files were removed

Validity period files removed from the project


All the validity period files and dependencies were removed from the project.

Motivation and Context

How Has This Been Tested?


  • [x] I have added a Signed-off-by
  • [X] Either no new documentation is required by this change
  • [X] Either no new tests are required by this change
  • [X] I have run goimports, go vet, and golint. I have cleaned up all valid errors and warnings in code I have added or modified. These tools may generate false positives. Don't be worried about ignoring some errors or warnings. The goal is clean, consistent, and readable code.

Signed-off-by: gromeroar guillermo.romero.com / rologui.ibm.com


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  • weixin_39706861 weixin_39706861 5月前

    Hi gromeroar,

    Thanks for submitting this pull request!

    Please add a comment with a DCO1.1 Signed-off-by statement in order to allow us to process your pull request.


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  • weixin_39757626 weixin_39757626 5月前

    Could you give a bit more background regarding this change? I'm out of context. Also, there is a merge conflict so this needs to be rebased.

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  • weixin_39687301 weixin_39687301 5月前

    this is old functionality not being used for the previous implementation of validity period without system chaincode support. This should be reimplemented using system chaincode and role based access control.

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  • weixin_39525243 weixin_39525243 5月前

    while you are at it... another look at this one please? What said (the configuration was explicitly disabling these for a while too). Please see also: https://github.com/hyperledger/fabric/pull/1781/files#diff-201583256d45f53f52fffb9adfb11919L63

    We are disabling the validity period deployment for now, we shouldn't even allow it if it's enabled in the configuration

    - allowDeployValidityPeriod := false

    (No idea why the font is so large ;-))

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  • weixin_39757626 weixin_39757626 5月前

    There are a whole bunch of cases of the same problem (Infof -> Info, Debugf -> Debug, etc.) in genesis.go. You only fixed the one I pointed out directly. These need to be fixed before this PR can be accepted.

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  • weixin_39936558 weixin_39936558 5月前

    the log changes have been fixed, I've added the log with F of format postfix to all the info, error, debug, warning appenders which needs log text with parameters.

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  • weixin_39936558 weixin_39936558 5月前

    I've made the restitution of all the log calls using the master as base. the only important change made by me in this files was related to the validity period blocks removed in this PR, the log calls errors, were introduced by an error conflict in old merges.

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  • weixin_39757626 weixin_39757626 5月前

    LGTM. Thanks

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