2020-11-27 07:44

Switch compression format back and forth make options wrong

In the latest 19.00-v1.4.5-R1, similar to #123 but in a reverse way.


  1. Select Archive format : 7z image
  2. Switch to select Archive format : tar image This is good as fixed in #123.
  3. Switch back to select Archive format : 7z image
  4. Now solid block size and CPU threads are wrong. Especially the CPU threads can only be 1 as shown in the above screenshot. Memory usages are not updated as well. The official 7-Zip works well on this case.


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  • weixin_39925813 weixin_39925813 5月前

    Oh, I was to fast with the relaese :/

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  • weixin_39591386 weixin_39591386 5月前

    7-Zip ZS 19.00 - v1.4.5 - Release 2 LGTM now. Thanks for your work :+1:

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  • weixin_39925813 weixin_39925813 5月前

    Some things are not updated every time ... I will again have a look at it.

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  • weixin_39761696 weixin_39761696 5月前

    It would be nice to have a button to restore the default values, as well.

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  • weixin_39720510 eternal? 5月前

    In 1.4.5 R3 I still have this issue on right click add to archive menu.

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  • weixin_39925813 weixin_39925813 5月前

    Yes - I know... I just released a new version, cause Brotli v1.0.9 contains a fix to "integer overflow" problem.

    This "right click" issue is still on my todo list.

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