2020-11-27 10:15

user: make system=yes work on Darwin systems.

  • Bugfix Pull Request

system/user.py module


ansible 2.3.0 (devel 4981feee99) last updated 2016/11/15 14:27:13 (GMT +200)
  lib/ansible/modules/core: (detached HEAD a4cddac368) last updated 2016/11/15 14:29:56 (GMT +200)
  lib/ansible/modules/extras: (detached HEAD 19c7d5b31b) last updated 2016/11/15 14:28:34 (GMT +200)
  config file = 
  configured module search path = Default w/o overrides

Extend user module for Darwin operating systems such that the system option of the user module now generates a system uid (< 500) if possible. If all system uids are taken, normal uid will be generated.

Extend _get_next_uid method of DarwinUser class to take an extra argument system so the method knows, that the user wants a system uid. Change logic to prefer next free id below of 500.

Commit message: Add ability to add real system users with next free system uid (< 500) on macOS.


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  • weixin_39607240 weixin_39607240 5月前

    Why does the failing node on Shippable say:

    2016-11-15 14:03:49     system = True if system == True else False
    2016-11-15 14:03:49                    ^
    2016-11-15 14:03:49 SyntaxError: invalid syntax

    Isn't this valid python syntax?

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  • weixin_39607240 weixin_39607240 5月前

    Improved syntax of admonished line.

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  • weixin_39713335 weixin_39713335 5月前

    Thanks for this PR. This module is maintained by the Ansible core team, so it can take a while for patches to be reviewed. Thanks for your patience.

    Core team: please review according to guidelines (http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/developing_modules.html#module-checklist) and comment with 'needs_revision' or merge as appropriate.

    [This message brought to you by your friendly Ansibull-bot.]

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  • weixin_39607240 weixin_39607240 5月前

    : You already reviewed my last PR. Is this one different? Can I help somehow?

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  • weixin_39607240 weixin_39607240 5月前

    Can I do something to speed up the review process?

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  • weixin_39608457 weixin_39608457 5月前

    This repository has been locked. All new issues and pull requests should be filed in https://github.com/ansible/ansible

    Please read through the repomerge page in the dev guide. The guide contains links to tools which automatically move your issue or pull request to the ansible/ansible repo.

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