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Display warp core strength on warp speed tooltip

Changes to antiwarpscramblingpassive.py: Fixed a typo of "warmScrambleStatus" to "warpScrambleStatus"

Changes to targetingMiscViewMinimal.py: Extended existing tooltip to include warp core strength. Warp core strength is none for ships that do not have a hull bonus (venture etc.) or do not have any warp core stabs fitted so logic is added to default value to 0.

Changes to targetingMiscViewFull.py: As above.

Add ship warp core strength onto the existing warp speed tool tip:


Fixed an obscure bug in the warp scramble effect too. I would like to expand this to make it so that projected warp disruption effects modify the fit's warp core strength as they currently do not appear to do that.


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  • weixin_39995439 weixin_39995439 2020-11-27 16:28

    Codecov Report

    Merging #1328 into development will decrease coverage by 0.01%. The diff coverage is 0%.

    @@               Coverage Diff               @@
    ##           development    #1328      +/-   ##
    - Coverage        16.02%   16.01%   -0.02%     
      Files             2333     2333              
      Lines            34315    34340      +25     
      Hits              5500     5500              
    - Misses           28815    28840      +25
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  • weixin_39725924 weixin_39725924 2020-11-27 16:28

    I like this idea. Just had one question, once that's sorted I can merge this in hopefully with tonights release

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  • weixin_39734458 weixin_39734458 2020-11-27 16:28

    Fiddled with the projected effects on scramblers and fixed a bug with disruptors. Warp disruption field generator will need a bit more thinking since the warp scramble effect should only be applied if it has a super point script loaded, at the moment it doesn't seem to have any projected effects at all.

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  • weixin_39725924 weixin_39725924 2020-11-27 16:28

    for the Field generator, that stuff would probably go on an effect for the script itself. I just checked and the scramble one looks like it has something akin to:

    def handler(fit, src, context):
        fit.ship.increaseItemAttr("warpScrambleStatus", src.getModifiedItemAttr("warpScrambleStrength"))
        fit.modules.filteredItemIncrease(lambda mod: mod.item.requiresSkill("High Speed Maneuvering"), "activationBlocked", src.getModifiedItemAttr("activationBlockedStrenght"))
        fit.modules.filteredItemIncrease(lambda mod: mod.item.requiresSkill("Micro Jump Drive Operation"), "activationBlocked", src.getModifiedItemAttr("activationBlockedStrenght"))
        fit.ship.increaseItemAttr("gateScrambleStatus", src.getModifiedItemAttr("gateScrambleStrength"))

    probably not 100% accurate (especially the activationBlocked thing - I think we use a different method for that, check the current MWD)

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  • weixin_39725924 weixin_39725924 2020-11-27 16:28

    so I looked into this a bit more, I think I see the issue that you ran into. We don't really support charges on projected modules directly modifying the target fit (at least when the module is attached to a fit - if it's a literal projected module, we could make it work). In this case, they always modify the local module, which is then supposed to modify the target fit.

    I still think the proper way would be for the charges' effect to apply this bonus. However, that would require a bit of touch up to the projected logic, which is already somewhat fragile, so I don't think I want to touch that right now. Thus, I'm okay with moving forward with this :)

    BTW, as this is a new feature rather than a bug (kind of both, actually, but whatev), I'm gonna merge this into the dev branch. I'll include it with the v1.34 release :)

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  • weixin_39725924 weixin_39725924 2020-11-27 16:28

    👍 Great work!

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