Trouble building pycaffe

I'm having trouble building pycaffe, I'm not sure if it's some problem with my local setup. It seems to me there're two issues: 1. The 3rdparty\include\boost\python subdir is missing, and you should copy it from the right boost version. This is the easy part. 2. The real problem for me is that _caffe.cpp includes numpy/arrayobject.h. You can copy the numpy includes into 3rdparty\include, but arrayobject.h causes a few other files to be included, including __multiarray_api.h and _numpyconfig.h. And as far as I can determine, these are not in the numpy source distribution, instead they are generated during the numpy build/installation process. And try as I may, I could not get numpy to build on my machine.

Am I missing something obvious here ? Is there an easier way ?


2020/11/27 20:52
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