Mag sensor in BS-880 rarely detected at start up.

Mag sensor in BS-880 (HMC5883) is rarely detected at start up using SPRacingF3 clone board with either iNav 1.6.1 or 1.7.1. Appears to be a marginal timing issue as it will occasionally get detected and eventually allow arming but usually it fails and the red LED flashes rapidly. Sensor is instantly detected following any "Save/Reboot" command so it's not a hardware related issue. At a guess I would say the sensor needs a little longer to settle following power up so that it can respond to the micro when it's polling available hardware. It's possible that the regulator used in the GPS/mag combo has a bypassed reference voltage (for lower noise) which can add further delays in start up. Given that we all have to wait for a 3D fix when using GPS would a few hundred milliseconds extra settling time at startup really be a problem?

Regards, David


2020/11/27 22:11
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