2020-11-28 23:20

biblatex-apa newspaper export

Biblatex-apa provides a "newsarticle" entry for citations from newspapers and such. In this case, the field for the publication is "newspaper" rather than "journal" or "journaltitle". Biblatex-apa changes the way pages are listed in the reference list when a citation is a newspaper, in comparison to an article. This is not reflected in Better Biblatex export of a bibliography.

Edit 1 I missed adding an example.

Intended behaviour on export of newspaper citation: {Wright:2013, title = {{P.E.I} recruits six nurse practitioners}, author = {Theresa Wright}, newspaper = {The Charlottetown Guardian}, date = {2013-09-13}, url = {http://www.theguardian.pe.ca/News/Local/2013-09-13/article-3389544/P.E.I.-recruits-six-nurse-practitioners/1}, }

Zotero exports it as: {Wright:2013, title = {{P.E.I} recruits six nurse practitioners}, author = {Theresa Wright}, journaltitle = {The Charlottetown Guardian}, date = {2013-09-13}, url = {http://www.theguardian.pe.ca/News/Local/2013-09-13/article-3389544/P.E.I.-recruits-six-nurse-practitioners/1}, }

... with no way for Biblatex-apa to differentiate between an article from an academic journal, and one in a published newspaper. I realize I omitted "pages" from here, but I wanted to focus on the "journal/newspaper" fields.


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