2015-07-16 13:24

Android accessibility 键盘监控 界面变化

  • ndroid 安全

从而监控到用户的所有输入和动作,再通过Android accessibility api来将用户的操作输入

关于Android accessibility来讲用户操作输入到目标app已经实现了,但是模仿目标app

First, although M-Aegis is confined within the OS’ app sandbox, it must be able to determine with which TCA (target client app)the user is currently interacting. This allows M-Aegis to invoke specific logic to handle the TCA, and helps M-Aegis clean up the screen when the TCA is termi- nated. Second, M-Aegis requires information about the GUI layout for the TCA it is currently handling. This allows M-Aegis to properly render mimic GUIs on L- 7.5 to intercept user I/O. Third, although isolated from the TCA, M-Aegis must be able to communicate with the TCA to maintain functionality and ensure user expe- rience is not disrupted. For example, M-Aegis must be able to relay user clicks to the TCA, eventually send en- crypted data to the TCA, and click on TCA’s button on behalf of the user. For output on screen, it must be able to capture ciphertext so that it can decrypt it and then render it on L-7.5.

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