2020-11-29 14:22

Loki.exe removed by window defender

Why window defender is removing a Simple scanner?


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  • weixin_39668965 weixin_39668965 5月前

    Release 0.26.1 was not identified by Microsoft Windows Defender as a threat.

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  • weixin_39774044 weixin_39774044 5月前

    Thanks for the updates 👍

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  • weixin_39967598 weixin_39967598 5月前

    False Positive. Just create an exception in Windows Defender for: File -> Loki.exe

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  • weixin_39967598 weixin_39967598 5月前

    And Now, Microsoft Endpoint Protection Reports it as infected.

    Seriously, Microsoft is sooooooooo crap. Are they doing this on purpose? Worst "IT Security" Team Ever. Who is the CISO of Microsoft? I would, ANYTIME, fire that guy. Windows Subsystem for Linux = no security, their AV Product sucks ass, Windows is not secure (Can't follow best practices with Sandboxing and stuff? Is it that hard?), Azure, very bad security, ... and many many many more.

    Yep, this morning, I'm pissed. At least, because or their suits, we got a job. Continue being crap Windows, you will give us jobs! :)

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  • weixin_39636333 weixin_39636333 5月前

    Release 0.26.0 was not identified by Sophos as a threat.

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