2020-11-29 16:06

Add stubs for bleach

Permission in mozilla/bleach#424


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  • weixin_39633437 weixin_39633437 5月前

    I have updated the stubs now to support Python 2. But I wonder whether we should require contributors to provide Python 2 compatible stubs when they submit new stubs. (Of course existing stubs that support Python 2 should continue to do so.) Making stubs Python 2 compatible requires quite a bit of additional work and it's quite possible that a Python 2 version is not that useful anyway, considering Python 2's end of life date.

    Personally I suggest, we accept Python 3-only stubs (and also Python 2-only stubs), even if the library supports both versions. Support for the other Python version can always be added later by an interested party.

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  • weixin_39633437 weixin_39633437 5月前

    Gentle ping

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  • weixin_39579726 weixin_39579726 5月前

    Sorry for dropping this!

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  • weixin_39865625 weixin_39865625 5月前

    Just installed the new version of mypy and I'm getting some errors on my codebase now from these stubs. Specifically, I'm using bleach's Cleaner class, which has its __init__ stub as:

    class Cleaner(object):
        def __init__(
            tags: List[Text] = ...,
            attributes: Any = ...,
            styles: List[Text] = ...,
            protocols: List[Text] = ...,
            strip: bool = ...,
            strip_comments: bool = ...,
            filters: Optional[List[Type[_Filter]]] = ...,
        ) -> None: ...

    I'm passing tuples for both tags= and protocols=, which works fine but doesn't satisfy these stubs. Maybe the stubs should use Sequence instead of explicitly defining List (both here and other places where that's relevant)?

    Also, I'm passing a list containing a partial object for filters=. Using a partial object this way is shown in the documentation as a way to both sanitize and linkify in the same step. However, the current stubs throw the following error for doing this:

    error: List item 0 has incompatible type "partial[LinkifyFilter]"; expected "Type[Any]"

    would you be able to fix these issues? I could probably also submit a pull request myself to adjust them, if you'd like (though I've never contributed any stubs before so I'm not very familiar with any of what goes into it).

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  • weixin_39633437 weixin_39633437 5月前

    We welcome pull requests and we can help if you are stuck.

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