2020-11-29 16:38

Auto create domain observable from URL observable

Request Type

Feature Request

Work Environment

The Hive v2.11

Problem Description

Entering a URL observable and the domain contained within the URL as a second observable is currently a manually process.

Possible Solutions

It would be good to automate the creation of a domain observable when entering a URL observable as it will save the analyst from having to create the domain observable manually.

As auto-creating a domain observable may not alway be the desired outcome, it would make sense to implement this as an 'tick' option on the create observable page.

Example: - Analyst creates a URL observable for www.theage.com.au/news/story/1/may/image.jpg, ticking the auto-create domain option. - A second observable for www.theage.com.au is auto-created.

Complementary information

This would be a very useful feature as many analysers run against domains rather then URL's, but often it is a URL that is the subject of the incident analysis.


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