2020-11-29 18:16

Upgrades bleach and simplejson


This PR upgrades bleach, soupsieve & simplejson to their latest version. Visit here to see the upgrade status of all the oppia third-party libraries.

Please visit here for bleach & simplejson testing doc.


  • [ ] The PR title starts with "Fix #bugnum: ", followed by a short, clear summary of the changes. (If this PR fixes part of an issue, prefix the title with "Fix part of #bugnum: ...".)
  • [ ] The PR explanation includes the words "Fixes #bugnum: ..." (or "Fixes part of #bugnum" if the PR only partially fixes an issue).
  • [x] The linter/Karma presubmit checks have passed.
  • These should run automatically, but if not, you can manually trigger them locally using python scripts/pre_commit_linter.py and bash scripts/run_frontend_tests.sh.
  • [x] The PR is made from a branch that's not called "develop".
  • [ ] The PR has an appropriate "CHANGELOG: ..." label (If you are unsure of which label to add, ask the reviewers for guidance).
  • [x] The PR follows the style guide.
  • [x] The PR addresses the points mentioned in the codeowner checks for the files/folders changed. (See the codeowner's wiki page.)
  • [x] The PR is assigned to an appropriate reviewer.
  • If you're a new contributor, please ask on Gitter for someone to assign a reviewer.
  • If you're not sure who the appropriate reviewer is, please assign to the issue's "owner" -- see the "talk-to" label on the issue.


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