Allow app re-initialization

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe. Currently there are parameters of applications which are only available at initialization. The parameters may sometimes need to be reset, but it is currently impossible. For example it might be reasonable for an organization to adopt a new vault or switch a vault to the agent app, and then they might want to migrate their existing finance app to the new vault/agent instances rather than deploying a new finance app.

Describe the solution you'd like I would like to be able to re-initialize an application.

Describe alternatives you've considered Making each parameter that is included in the initialization process also able to be set by a separate privileged function.

Additional context One of the arguments for having some parameters set only at initialization is that they are sensitive and should always be immutable. If there are legitimate security issues with changing these parameters after initialization, then the re-initialization process can be assigned a role and have that role discarded.


2020/11/30 12:17
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