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As a airline company, I've cooperated with some car companies as my partner. The user can get discount if they book the car after booking our airline tickets. Therefore, in our airline app, we support the functionality that user can book the car.


  • User select Car Companies from companies list when search cars.
  • Car company list is from API response
  • User can tap to check or uncheck the car company in the list
  • Mock-up as below

(Please write down your answer in English)

a. Please write down all your assumptions for this requirement.

b. Design the test cases for this scenario based on your assumptions.
c. How do you think the difference between mobile testing and general web testing?

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  • threenewbee 2015-12-21 14:34

    a. you can say: the whole car companies can obtain from a single web service site, let's asume that the app is written in java and runs on android platforms, the departure is just the destination airport, etc.
    b. you can give some cases briefly, for example, when use chose an airline, after he selected the destination airport, then, give him a car companies list, and he are able to choose different car types as well. the system can calc the discount rate and the total prices, and the prices list allow user to sort by different conditions.
    c. the mobile testing is more complicate than web testing. the different devices may have different behaviors. the test must cover all the phycal devices so that we can find any potential issues.

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  • threenewbee 2015-12-21 14:37

    If my answer meet your request and you feel appreciated that, please DON'T forget click the "accept the answer" button at the right site of my answer. Thanks.

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