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设有定义“enum term { my, your=4, his, her=his+10};”

设有定义“enum term { my, your=4, his, her=his+10};”,则printf(“%d,%d,%d,%d\n”,my, your, his, her);的输出是( )

①0,l,2,3 ②0,4,0,10

③0,4,5,15 ④1,4,5,15


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enum 默认是从零开始的,如果没有赋值就依次加1;


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How many persons a human being loved in his or her whole life? who can count ? -It depends on every individual... right? -How many people will miss you when youre gone, how many people will be there ......
答案就在这里:How many persons a human being love in his or her whole life

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