2020-12-01 11:42

React Widgets 4.0.0-rc.15 DateTimePicker has no dates in DateTimePiker

Not sure if this version is a mistake, because i don't see it in the source code, it's also published as non-beta somehow.

The thing is that he numbers in the DateTimePicker are gone:


Thanks for your work :)


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  • weixin_39532352 weixin_39532352 4月前

    could you put out a new rc release?

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  • weixin_39639514 weixin_39639514 4月前

    Ugh sorry this is definately my fault. fix incoming

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  • weixin_39639514 weixin_39639514 4月前

    You might have some dependency mismatched, maybe try nuking node_modules?

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  • weixin_39560657 weixin_39560657 4月前

    It's the same environment than the last bug: https://github.com/jquense/react-widgets/issues/593 I'm using webpack and typescript, but don't think that makes any difference.

    I'm also having bad experiences with npm, maybe time to give yarn a chance...

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  • weixin_39639514 weixin_39639514 4月前

    Can you post some code reproducing it? I don';t see this problem on any of the stuff i've tested...

    arg why does npm keep publisging this as latest!!

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