2020-12-01 12:11

add ASIO backend

It looks like WASAPI is not always better than ASIO and some people would benefit from ASIO support. However since it always takes over the sound devices, it will be prioritized after WASAPI, meaning that API users will have to explicitly connect to ASIO to utilize it.


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  • weixin_39590601 weixin_39590601 4月前

    ASIO support on windows is absolutely essential for pro audio use cases since with many professional sound cards the only way to achieve low latency is to use ASIO drivers provided by manufacturer

    Additionally with ASIO4ALL it is possible to achieve reasonably low latencies with cheap consumer sound cards ( including integrated chips ).

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  • weixin_39746869 weixin_39746869 4月前

    Does anyone have a fork with this experimental feature? Considering using libsoundio for https://github.com/VCVRack/Rack, and everything seems to work, except lack of of ASIO is a blocker. Thanks!

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  • weixin_39550937 weixin_39550937 4月前

    I would also like to switch our audio library of choice from PortAudio to libsoundio. However, our software is distributed to a wide variety of environments, in some of which ASIO support is mandatory. It's the very reason of these complex environments that PortAudio feels like a crutch, since it has poor error reporting, has no events and doesn't expose real device IDs, making it a major PITA to work with in challenging, error-vulnerable environments.

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  • weixin_39687990 weixin_39687990 4月前

    How likely is it that ASIO support will be implemented? Is it something that is planned?

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  • weixin_39609622 weixin_39609622 4月前

    Would be really interested by this as well...

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