2016-05-15 02:12 阅读 2.6k

SQL Server2008r2 sqlexpress服务无法打开 请各位帮帮忙 谢谢!

2016-05-15 10:03:21.91 Server Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (SP1) - 10.0.2531.0 (Intel X86)
Mar 29 2009 10:27:29
Copyright (c) 1988-2008 Microsoft Corporation
Express Edition on Windows NT 6.1 (Build 7600: )

2016-05-15 10:03:21.91 Server (c) 2005 Microsoft Corporation.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.91 Server All rights reserved.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.91 Server Server process ID is 3912.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.92 Server System Manufacturer: 'ASUSTeK Computer Inc.', System Model: 'K54HR'.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.92 Server Authentication mode is MIXED.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.92 Server Logging SQL Server messages in file 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\Log\ERRORLOG'.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.92 Server This instance of SQL Server last reported using a process ID of 2896 at 2016/5/15 9:39:56 (local) 2016/5/15 1:39:56 (UTC). This is an informational message only; no user action is required.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.92 Server Registry startup parameters:
-d C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\DATA\master.mdf
-e C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\Log\ERRORLOG
-l C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10.SQLEXPRESS\MSSQL\DATA\mastlog.ldf
2016-05-15 10:03:21.93 服务器 SQL Server is starting at normal priority base (=7). This is an informational message only. No user action is required.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.93 服务器 Detected 4 CPUs. This is an informational message; no user action is required.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.97 服务器 Using dynamic lock allocation. Initial allocation of 2500 Lock blocks and 5000 Lock Owner blocks per node. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.
2016-05-15 10:03:21.99 服务器 Node configuration: node 0: CPU mask: 0x0000000f Active CPU mask: 0x0000000f. This message provides a description of the NUMA configuration for this computer. This is an informational message only. No user action is required.
2016-05-15 10:03:22.02 spid7s Starting up database 'master'.
2016-05-15 10:03:22.17 spid7s WARNING: did not see LOP_CKPT_END.
2016-05-15 10:03:22.17 spid7s 错误: 3414,严重性: 21,状态: 2。
2016-05-15 10:03:22.17 spid7s An error occurred during recovery, preventing the database 'master' (database ID 1) from restarting. Diagnose the recovery errors and fix them, or restore from a known good backup. If errors are not corrected or expected, contact Technical Support.
2016-05-15 10:03:22.17 spid7s Cannot recover the master database. SQL Server is unable to run. Restore master from a full backup, repair it, or rebuild it. For more information about how to rebuild the master database, see SQL Server Books Online.

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