2020-12-01 12:50

Missing activities


I'm impressed with what you've done. I have one issue so far though, I seem to be missing activities, particularly older ones but possibly others in between (not sure on this part though).

Here is what I think is the relevant part of my GarminConnectConfig.json file: "data" : { "weight_start_date" : "25/12/2015", "sleep_start_date" : "25/12/2015", "rhr_start_date" : "25/12/2015", "monitoring_start_date" : "25/12/2015", "download_days" : 1000, "download_latest_activities" : 1000, "download_all_activities" : 10000, "download_days_overlap" : 3 },

I first signed up for garmin connect on december 25th 2015 and have had activities since. But for some reason GarminDB hasn't downloaded any activities before 2016-09-27.

I have run 'make' several times since I first built the databases but it doesn't seem to be making a difference. A new activity from yesterday did download fine today though.

Any ideas?

Thanks! Gabe


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