2020-12-01 14:04

IPv6 tunnel

Could you offer a HTTPS 4to6 tunnel? For which the user

  • Can buy (you decide the price) one activation per year (as one time product) in your store for same syncloud.it account

  • The activation availability is checked then in syncloud.it account with expiration date

  • Has then just one ON/OFF button under [devicename].syncloud.it which appears if IPv6 is used/available and the activation availability was bought

  • If the button is ON, all IPs are checked if they are compatible, if not, ONLY then traffic is over your server

  • You could use https://github.com/wojtekka/6tunnel

An alternative idea would be to have decentralized peer-to-peer system by syncloud app. This could be interesting:

  • https://github.com/vanrein/6bed4

  • https://www.cs.cornell.edu/home/rvr/papers/ipv6.pdf


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