2020-12-01 15:38

ethereumjs-abi is needed to test token-manager


Can't run truffle test successfully because of ethereumjs-abi module is missing.


Add the missing module via run the command in apps/token-manager/:

yarn add ethereumjs-abi

The truffle test is passed now.

FYI, apps/finance also has ethereumjs-abi dev-dependency https://github.com/aragon/aragon-apps/blob/master/apps/finance/package.json#L43


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  • weixin_39629969 weixin_39629969 5月前

    Coverage Status

    Coverage remained the same at 89.922% when pulling a68f22539fb679651f2ed3399fab9bff41ec2573 on gasolin:patch-1 into 47589a24b649cef8dae39f6832e7cee049269d37 on aragon:master.

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  • weixin_39898011 weixin_39898011 5月前

    What problem exactly are you having? I just cloned a fresh copy of the repo, did yarn install and then npm run test both in token-manager and finance and it worked. I tried with truffle test too.

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  • weixin_39729837 weixin_39729837 5月前

    @bingen I reproduced again by clone another repo and do yarn install & npm run test. The issue still the same. (in Elementary OS/Ubuntu 16.04 LTS)

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  • weixin_39898011 weixin_39898011 5月前

    Hm, that's weird. I don't know why it doesn't happen to me. Can you copy-paste here the exact error you see? Do you have any linked packages in node_modules// Thanks!

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  • weixin_39752941 weixin_39752941 5月前

    Ah you have to do a yarn bootstrap (or lerna bootstrap) in the project's root before you can run the tests. Doing so will install ethereumjs-abi for you, since it's used by the shared internal testing library.

    The inclusion of this package in Finance is a mistake.

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