RealDebrid and filenames

Hi All,

It seems that while certain bugs around ReadDebrid have been squashed, one is still around. It seems that with certain hosters on RealDebrid, the filenames become the hashes used by the hosters. Particularly when combining the whole pyload experience with flexget, I tend to get multiple hosters for the same file, meaning if the filename is different it'll download the same file like 3 times.

I would have loved to attach a debug log, but it seems all I currently get in logs every second is the following message:

07.08.2015 09:25:13 DEBUG     ACCOUNT RealdebridCom: Account info for user `user`: {'login': {'timestamp': 1438932996.00931, 'password': '**********', 'valid': True}, 'data': {'premium': True, 'trafficleft': -1, 'options': {'limitdl': ['0']}, 'maxtraffic': None, 'validuntil': 1452193929.0, 'login': 'user', 'password': '**********', 'type': 'RealdebridCom', 'valid': True}}
07.08.2015 09:25:13 DEBUG     ACCOUNT RealdebridCom: Reached data timeout for user
07.08.2015 09:25:13 INFO      ACCOUNT RealdebridCom: Parsing account info for user `user`...
07.08.2015 09:25:13 DEBUG     ACCOUNT RealdebridCom: LOAD URL | decode=True | cookies=True | get={} | req=None | _[1]=['decode=True', 'cookies=True', 'get={}', 'req=None'] | multipart=False | post={} | ref=True | just_header=False

What the filenames would look like:

Under.the.Dome.S03E08.720p.HDTV.X264.DIMENSION.mkv downloading 1.36GiB Keep2ShareCc  
Nujb3MHGYDGT downloading 1.36GiB UploadableCh
1j0nvpr4 downloading 1.36GiB UploadedTo

It also doesn't always seem to be hoster specific. In some cases I'll get a fine filename from UploadedTo in some others I won't.


2020/12/01 17:33
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