2020-12-01 17:43

Neon Microblocks

Support microblock mining in neon nodes:

  • On winning a sortition, a miner will attempt to assemble one microblock (if mine_microblocks is set to true)
  • Neon miners now will sleep a configurable amount of time before trying to mine a new anchor block (this gives a miner time to receive any microblocks that may be sent from the previous block's winner)

This also adds a new struct to miner.rs, StacksMicroblockBuilder, since the microblock assembly has to outlive the StacksBlockBuilder instance. If we want to mine more than one microblock, a single instance of this struct needs to process each of those microblocks (since its ClarityTx isn't committed).

Additionally, this adds some integration testing structure for neon:

$ cd testnet
$ BITCOIND_TEST=1 cargo test -- --test-threads 1 --ignored --nocapture neon_integrations

With an integration test for mining a microblock.


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