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Detailview of email record in 7.9 doen't have Reply to, Reply to All, Forward to, Delete BUTTONS


We upgraded to 7.9 and i hope that is no joke :(

Has the detaiview of email any Reply To, Reply All, Forward, Delete buttons ???



How can i forward or reply to email which i recieved ? Me and all world know, that it is the most important thing to be availabe answer to emails... or i am wrong and i didn't unsderstand something ?

Expected Behavior

User can reply, forward or delete email in its detailview of email

Steps to Reproduce

  1. See the list of mails
  2. Open one mail record
  3. Try find the buttons or reply to/forward to this email record


I believe that the version 7.9 wasn't publish without this important functions

Your Environment

SuiteCRM Version used: SuiteCRM 7.9 Browser name and version: Chrome 59.x 64bit Environment name and version: MySQL 5.6 / PHP 7.0.16 Operating System and version: Win 10 Home


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  • weixin_39517199 weixin_39517199 2020-12-01 18:23

    -samson -Brown thanks for patch #3627 .. it's working but only for no imported mails.

    the issue is persisting, If you import email, you are not available to Reply to, Reply to all, Forward, Delete the imported/archived mail

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  • weixin_39517199 weixin_39517199 2020-12-01 18:23

    -Brown i rewrited the ticket :)

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  • weixin_39786850 weixin_39786850 2020-12-01 18:23

    Hi I'm not able to replicate this. With #3627 I have the option to reply, reply all, and forward on imported and non-imported emails. Are you using the hotfix branch? and can you provide screenshots?

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  • weixin_39517199 weixin_39517199 2020-12-01 18:23

    -Brown yes with #3627 is it working and i see the buttons there 👍 but in fresh install of SuiteCRM 7.9.0 isn't there.

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  • weixin_39786850 weixin_39786850 2020-12-01 18:23

    A fresh install using the hotfix branch? #3627 has only been merged into hotfix and not master. Fix appears to be functioning correctly on my end.

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  • weixin_39761255 weixin_39761255 2020-12-01 18:23

    A lower priority has been raised for the delete from IMAP server on DetailView as it is currently available on the ListView.

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