2020-12-01 19:49

Comment: Channels (api/channels.md)

Deleting channels

What about unused, empty channels?

My app's channels can multiply very fast, keeping less than 10 connections and getting useless at the end of a brief session. I haven't noticed any method to delete a channel. Even though a channel's footprint may be as small as its name, this is bothering me. I have created a service to track connections/channels and it just displays too many useless channels!

What do you think?

Thank you.


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  • weixin_39987985 weixin_39987985 5月前

    Clearing them out wouldn't be that hard (you have to import the Symbol that is used as the key though):

    const { keys } = require('/transport-commons').channels;
    const { CHANNELS } = keys;
    app.channels.forEach(name => {
      if(app.channel(name).length === 0) {
        delete app[CHANNELS][name];

    The challenge is when to run this. Technically every time .leave is called but since a channel doesn't know about the app and channel doesn't know about its name it's a little tricky.

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  • weixin_39709367 weixin_39709367 5月前

    Thanks for the quick (and clear) answer!

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  • weixin_39987985 weixin_39987985 5月前

    I think it's a good point that empty channels should be deleted. I think I can make that happen by also turning the channel objects into event emitters and listening to an empty event on which it will be deleted from the CHANNEL object.

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  • weixin_39709367 weixin_39709367 5月前

    Sounds great! Is it something you plan to implement in Feathers core in a next future?

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  • weixin_39987985 weixin_39987985 5月前

    It turned out to be fairly simple actually. The pull request is at https://github.com/feathersjs/transport-commons/pull/75

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  • weixin_39691233 weixin_39691233 5月前

    Hi, I have a question similar to this discussion: Is there any way or event that tells when a client is disconnected on socket from the server ? There is app.on('connection') event but is there any similar like app.on('disconnect'). I know there is a logout event but sometimes users will be offline for other reasons e.g. no internet

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