2020-12-02 01:06

hotpot model zip file corrupted?

Hello, I haven't been able to unzip the hotpot model zip, and ive tried a few different methods. Seems its corrupt in some way? Has anybody else had a problem unzipping? The squad models dont have a problem


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  • weixin_39622225 weixin_39622225 4月前

    Thank you for reporting the issue!

    To understand the situation, I would like to ask you a few things: 1. Which URL link (a google drive URL) did you use to download the models? 2. Which command did you use to extract the models (e.g., unzip)? 3. Could you share the error messages you got when you tried to extract the models? Or what does "its corrupt in some way" mean?

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  • weixin_39981400 weixin_39981400 4月前

    sure, thanks for the quick response.

    I tried downloading both through the regular http process in google drive e.g. clicking download here

    and I also tried using the gdown program to download the hotpot models using the command: gdown https://drive.google.com/uc?id=1ra37xtEXSROG_f90XxR4kgElGJWUHQyM

    Both result in a file that's about 4gb and seems to download fine.

    First thing i did was try using the Ubuntu GUI to just extract it to the current folder and it gave a vague 'error extracting' error.

    So then I went to the command prompt and tried unzip XXXX.zip that results in a slightly more detailed error:
    'error: invalid zip file with overlapped components (possible zip bomb)'

    Just to make sure something wasn't wrong on my side I booted up a windows computer in an attempt to use another extraction program, and the windows computer also says something vague like 'zip file corrupted'

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  • weixin_39622225 weixin_39622225 4月前

    I have downloaded the hotpot_models.zip file into my macOS PC and also downloaded the same file to a CentOS machine via the gdown command. However, both seem to work for me as previously. I do not have any Windows or Ubuntu machines right now, so not sure if the same errors can be reproduced on my side...

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  • weixin_39622225 weixin_39622225 4月前

    I'll close this issue for now, but please let us know if you see further issues! :)

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  • weixin_39981400 weixin_39981400 4月前

    didn't get a chance until now to try it on a Mac machine, and that worked -- thanks

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  • weixin_39622225 weixin_39622225 4月前

    Glad to know that! Sorry for the inconvenience. We'll make sure that we could download the files correctly in different machines next time.

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  • weixin_39955421 weixin_39955421 4月前

    I encountered the same error on CentOS and have solved it by using java archiver. Just try jar xvf hotpot_models.zip.

    bash-4.2$ unzip hotpot_models.zip
    Archive:  hotpot_models.zip
    warning [hotpot_models.zip]:  4294967296 extra bytes at beginning or within zipfile
      (attempting to process anyway)
    file #1:  bad zipfile offset (local header sig):  4294967296
      (attempting to re-compensate)
    error: invalid zip file with overlapped components (possible zip bomb)
    bash-4.2$ jar xvf hotpot_models.zip
      created: hotpot_models/
     inflated: hotpot_models/.DS_Store
      created: __MACOSX/
      created: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/._.DS_Store
      created: hotpot_models/graph_retriever_path/
     inflated: hotpot_models/graph_retriever_path/pytorch_model.bin
      created: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/graph_retriever_path/
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/graph_retriever_path/._pytorch_model.bin
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/._graph_retriever_path
      created: hotpot_models/reader/
     inflated: hotpot_models/reader/config.json
      created: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/reader/
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/reader/._config.json
     inflated: hotpot_models/reader/pytorch_model.bin
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/reader/._pytorch_model.bin
     inflated: hotpot_models/reader/vocab.txt
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/reader/._vocab.txt
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/._reader
      created: hotpot_models/sequential_sentence_selector/
     inflated: hotpot_models/sequential_sentence_selector/pytorch_model.bin
      created: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/sequential_sentence_selector/
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/sequential_sentence_selector/._pytorch_model.bin
      created: hotpot_models/tfidf_retriever/
     inflated: hotpot_models/tfidf_retriever/wiki_open_full_new_db_intro_only-tfidf-ngram=2-hash=16777216-tokenizer=simple.npz
      created: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/tfidf_retriever/
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/tfidf_retriever/._wiki_open_full_new_db_intro_only-tfidf-ngram=2-hash=16777216-tokenizer=simple.npz
      created: hotpot_models/wiki_db/
     inflated: hotpot_models/wiki_db/wiki_abst_only_hotpotqa_w_original_title.db
      created: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/wiki_db/
     inflated: __MACOSX/hotpot_models/wiki_db/._wiki_abst_only_hotpotqa_w_original_title.db
     inflated: __MACOSX/._hotpot_models
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