2020-12-02 03:57

[7.1.r1] Welcome, SoMC Seine! Plus, Yoshino/Nile/Ganges fixes

This is a pretty big one, so let's be short. Included in this patchset: - RPM Regulators changes: now we set Low Power mode on regulators when the minimum amperage for High Power mode is not reached: this allows for good battery savings during deep sleep - 10nm PLL changes for Tama/Yoshino: now we are caching rates and not reading the hardware everytime anymore. This brings performance improvements, some little battery efficiency and solves some race conditions happening especially on SoMC Yoshino. - DSI PHY v3.0 additions to kickstart it the right way and to solve issues with the PHY ULPS mode on MSM8998 SoC - MSM8998 changes on the clock tree: MMAXI is now software voted in order to stop race conditions with ULPS and DSI idle power collapse - Dirty fix (but effective) for MSM8998 kernel panic occurring on device shutdown and on modem SSR: now it's possible to shut down cleanly and won't randomly reboot the device on modem panic (will restart the modem, sensors and dsp cleanly, like nothing happened) - Update BCL for PMIC5 (SoMC Kumano, SoMC Seine) to use mitigation level interrupts: this will produce less wakeups during deep sleep, while still keeping the device safe like always - Introduced Qualcomm PM8008 support for SM6125 SoC - Updated TRINKET (SM6125 SoC) main DTs to the latest tag - Added SoMC Seine configuration for somc_panel display and other early bringup related things. - Added SoMC Seine camera and charger configuration - Updated QPNP-QG code, required for SoMC Seine platform - Updated SoMC charger extensions from latest Kumano and latest Seine release, valid for Tama, Nile, Ganges, Kumano, Seine - Fixed Qualcomm QuickCharge issues on supported configurations - MSM8998 IPA/CNSS IOMMU (anoc2 crashes) issues fixed - MSM8998 GSI configuration for DWC3 fixed


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