2020-12-02 12:06

Mac Catalyst support

Description Hello! I wonder if there are any plans on supporting Mac Catalyst architecture for iOS? I'm currently using mobile-ffmpeg via cocoapods in my app and want to build a macos version using Catalyst. However it seems that having a x86_64 slice in the framework is not enough for Catalyst, which apparently wants its own slice built with specific settings. So when I try to build the app it gives me this:

Current behavior Linker error with message: Showing Recent Messages ld: In /Users/user/work/app/Pods/mobile-ffmpeg-full/expat.framework/expat(xmlparse.o), building for Mac Catalyst, but linking in object file built for iOS Simulator, file '/Users/user/work/app/Pods/mobile-ffmpeg-full/expat.framework/expat' for architecture x86_64

Environment - Platform: iOS, macOS - Architecture: x86_64, arm64, x86_64-maccatalyst - Xcode version 11.4b2 - Cocoapods version 1.8.4


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