2020-12-02 18:04

Compilation in C++17 under MinGW on Windows 10

I want to compile the library and use it as source. I have no CMakeLists.txt for my project and I am just using just make to compile it.

BUT I'm using C++17 and I'm not able to compile Jinja2Cpp in C++17.

  1. Can you provide detailed instructions how to do it? I tried to put the variable from instruction in the section about C++17 in the cmake command and -D parameter and ... nothing.

  2. Also I'd like to know what flags should I add to my compile command (for my project I mean) to use all the staff provided by Jinja2Cpp

Thank you in advance. 😄

P.S.: I'm on Windows 10 and I'm using MinGW (8.1.0) as C/C++ compiler. I'm also doing the command-line staff (make/cmake commands) under git bash (means I'm using the Linux shell syntax) P.S.2: I wanted to help you via pull request about how to compile with Windows & MinGW but I'm so far away from CMake configs and it was so hard for me to change anything in the configs in a way that has even a small chance to work.


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