2020-12-03 02:30

How to Open Stellarium in Secondary Display Window?

I have been utilising the new Stellarium functionalities ('twinkling stars with atmosphere off' & 'meteors with atmosphere off') very successfully in my mobile planetariums - thank you for including them!

I now have a new challenge.

I recently upgraded my MacBook Pro and introduced some new spherical mirror projection software. Now it has become important for me to have Stellarium open in the Secondary Display (the planetarium projector) and not the Primary Display (the laptop).

I have researched online and have tried modifying the config line:

[video] screen_number = 1

This opens Stellarium in the Secondary Display - but it only shows half of the Stellarium screen / image.

How can I force Stellarium to open / launch fully in the Secondary Display?

I also use Keyboard Maestro to manipulate application windows between Primary and Secondary Displays - yet Stellarium completely ignores Keyboard Maestro commands. Is there something I can add to the config file to allow Keyboard Maestro to move Stellarium to the secondary Display?

Any advice / solution will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks very much

Mario Di Maggio


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