2020-12-03 07:17

Succeed to train THCHS30 in Chinese mandarin!

Hi all. I have good news that I have succeeded to train THCHS30 in Chinese mandarin. The code is open on my repo with just a little modification against the master branch. In this repo I used pinyin phoneme as symbols and the evaluation input are also sentences in Chinese pinyin. Since the number of Chinese characters are enormous, we can use pypinyin to translate into finite English symbols plus number 12345 as tone of voice. It produces good effect in 90K steps. The evaluation audio are here: eval_audio_92k.zip And the pre-trained model is here. And the align graph seems to be very good. step-92000-align However, the dataset THCHS30 is with multi-speakers so that there are some problems in some evaluation by chance like silence. So I still need to find some better mandarin dataset with single speaker and long hours enough for training. In all, this tacotron project is very good for me, thanks a lot.


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