2020-12-04 11:44

Accuracy view - Add fine-grained control over ground truth location marker


From a user:

Playing with setting "known" positions with GPStest, I keep wishing I could nudge the touch-selected location, when I have dropped the map pin a little adrift from where I intended. It would be nice to have up/down arrows next to the edit fields to increment/decrement the last digits displayed with taps for single steps or long presses for longer jumps. I'm not sure if I'd be more accurately testing my device, or more finely resolving the satellite image locational discrepancy, but it would be good play value either way.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go to Accuracy view
  2. Tap on the map to set a ground truth location

Expected behavior:

Give me a more precise way to adjust the map marker location

Observed behavior:

To adjust the map marker location you have to tap far away from the current marker location, and then try tapping in the first location again.

Device and Android version:



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