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Hyperlink disappears

Is there a known issue with hyperlinks? I keep adding a hyperlink of type "file:///...", save the site, then when I return the hyperlink is gone. By the way, this is not about the link not working. I have figured out that the link will work when both the site and the folder I try to open with this link, are stored on the same host. So this is purely about the link disappearing altogether. How can I further investigate this as a user (I am not a developer)?


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  • weixin_39989973 weixin_39989973 2020-12-05 04:29

    It looks like a bug, I'll investigate But the "file://" protocol is not supposed to be used in a website, are you sure that it is what you need? The prefered method is to use "./" relative paths

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  • weixin_39856803 weixin_39856803 2020-12-05 04:29

    Hi, Lexojo. Thanks in advance. I have used Silex to create a simple intranet page. All my users have access to a Q: drive with documentation (Word, Excel and PDF files), so I want to open a file folder from that webpage, to display a bunch of files with documentation. This works quite well in Chrome, as long as the webpage is on the same server. Will try to use a relative path as you suggested. Fortunately the webpage is also on the Q drive. But that does not explain the disappearance of the link. Maybe Silex introduced a new check when saving the site? When I work on this page it obviously temporarily does not reside on the same server, and the link might be rejected for that reason?

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  • weixin_39989973 weixin_39989973 2020-12-05 04:29

    Oh ok I see As an educated guess, maybe silex messes up this kind of links when it prepares the html for editing. this is made on the server side here https://github.com/silexlabs/Silex/blob/develop/dist/server/WebsiteRouter.js#L146

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  • weixin_39989973 weixin_39989973 2020-12-05 04:29

    did you find a temporary workaround? I did not have time for this one, and others have needed my attention, sorry

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