Timeout in tests when running pintos

I am just getting started with the pintos projects, working from my home computer that is running ubuntu 14.04 x64 system.

I'm able to compile the project from the src/threads/ directory, and the initial test pintos run alarm-multiple seems to work okay (notice that it runs qemu by default):

 zay@ubuntu:~/Documents/pintos/src/threads/build$ pintos run alarm-multiple
Prototype mismatch: sub main::SIGVTALRM () vs none at /home/zay/Documents/pintos/src/utils/pintos line 935.
Constant subroutine SIGVTALRM redefined at /home/zay/Documents/pintos/src/utils/pintos line 927.
qemu-system-x86_64 -drive cache=writeback,file=/tmp/YS3E7FICwo.dsk -m 4 -net none -serial stdio
PiLo hda1
Kernel command line: run alarm-multiple
Pintos booting with 4,088 kB RAM...
382 pages available in kernel pool.
382 pages available in user pool.
Calibrating timer...  286,310,400 loops/s.
Boot complete.
Executing 'alarm-multiple':
(alarm-multiple) begin
(alarm-multiple) Creating 5 threads to sleep 7 times each.
(alarm-multiple) Thread 0 sleeps 10 ticks each time,
(alarm-multiple) thread 1 sleeps 20 ticks each time, and so on.
(alarm-multiple) If successful, product of iteration count and
(alarm-multiple) sleep duration will appear in nondescending order.
(alarm-multiple) thread 0: duration=10, iteration=1, product=10
(alarm-multiple) thread 0: duration=10, iteration=2, product=20

However, when I run make check under src/threads/build, all tests get a timeout fault:

 zay@ubuntu:~/Documents/pintos/src/threads/build$ make check
pintos -v -k -T 60 --qemu  -- -q  run alarm-multiple < /dev/null 2> tests/threads/alarm-multiple.errors > tests/threads/alarm-multiple.output
perl -I../.. ../../tests/threads/alarm-multiple.ck tests/threads/alarm-multiple tests/threads/alarm-multiple.result
FAIL tests/threads/alarm-multiple
run: TIMEOUT after 61 seconds of wall-clock time - load average: 0.20, 0.45, 0.26
pintos -v -k -T 60 --qemu  -- -q  run alarm-simultaneous < /dev/null 2> tests/threads/alarm-simultaneous.errors > tests/threads/alarm-simultaneous.output
perl -I../.. ../../tests/threads/alarm-simultaneous.ck tests/threads/alarm-simultaneous tests/threads/alarm-simultaneous.result
FAIL tests/threads/alarm-simultaneous
run: TIMEOUT after 61 seconds of wall-clock time - load average: 0.18, 0.40, 0.25
pintos -v -k -T 60 --qemu  -- -q  run alarm-priority < /dev/null 2> tests/threads/alarm-priority.errors > tests/threads/alarm-priority.output
perl -I../.. ../../tests/threads/alarm-priority.ck tests/threads/alarm-priority tests/threads/alarm-priority.result
FAIL tests/threads/alarm-priority
run: TIMEOUT after 61 seconds of wall-clock time - load average: 0.10, 0.34, 0.2

What changes should I make to solve this problem?


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