2020-12-06 08:14

My Jetpack: Link to learn more about what a Primary User is

Adds a dashicon link that will take users to the jetpack support page to learn what a primary user is


todo: publish the support article

run grunt locally to see CSS


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  • weixin_39616348 weixin_39616348 5月前

    everything works as expected and looks good except for the blue. It should be the same blue as the other primary blues or a subtle grey color. https://cloudup.com/inp-WjZ38bV

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  • weixin_39585795 weixin_39585795 5月前

    did you run grunt, as mentioned in my PR comment?

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  • weixin_39616348 weixin_39616348 5月前

    I did this time and it looks great :+1:

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  • weixin_39725650 weixin_39725650 5月前

    Looks good. move it along

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