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WebGUI missing repository button

Hey all

first off awesome work, this is a great program, however on the last update i lost the repository button in the WebGUI mode, because in order to add repositories from the SDCard i need to type the path manually, which is not possible on the latest update, i would appreciate if you could fix that in the next update.

thanks for the awesome work so far! :+1:


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  • weixin_39861498 weixin_39861498 2020-12-06 19:32

    Yeah I'm getting the same, happens both in the app and in Firefox for Android.

    calmh AudriusButkevicius Is this a known issue in syncthing v0.9.14?

    Edit: Just checked the release notes for v0.9.15 and it's fixed there, will make a new release with that ;)

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  • weixin_39749243 weixin_39749243 2020-12-06 19:32

    I might be having the same problem with .v0.9.14. In the WebGUI mode, the "Edit Repository" screen opens and all the fields and checkboxes are active, however the "Save" button is dead.

    Same issue, or something different?

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  • weixin_39861498 weixin_39861498 2020-12-06 19:32

    Sounds like a different issue. Could you try if you can reproduce it with v0.9.15 (either by accessing another node or waiting for my 0.4.16 update to come available).

    If you can reproduce it, please report to upstream ;)

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  • weixin_39749243 weixin_39749243 2020-12-06 19:32

    I can't reproduce it. The repository "Save" button works in v0.9.15 in both Linux and Windows nodes.

    I'll wait for the 0.4.16 update. Hopefully it fixes this. If not, I will post a new issue back here.


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