2020-12-07 02:30

[Bug report] problem with ITEM.VALUE and ITEM.LASTVALUE

Alexander ,

I think there is a problem with display ITEM.VALUE in grafana-zabbix

Side zabbix i have itemlastvaluezabbix

and side grafana-zabbix itemlastvaluegrafana

In my trigger name in red equal to macro {ITEM.LASTVALUE} and in blue equal to { ITEM.VALUE}

This is my exact trigger name SNMPTRAP: bouygues - ERROR valista multiple - {{ITEM.LASTVALUE}.regsub("^(.{19})", [Last: \1])} [First: {ITEM.VALUE}]

For information , i use regsub function to keep only the 19 first characters about {ITEM.LASTVALUE}

Thanks for your help

zabbix-server 3.2.5 grafana version 3.1.1 grafana-zabbix app 3.3.0



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  • weixin_39761255 weixin_39761255 5月前


    I ask to zabbix more information about {ITEM.VALUE} and {ITEM.LASTVALUE} Their response The same value in you case - it's not a problem, it's expected. Because when the alert was generated - the value caused it and it was latest value came to trigger before alert generation. For traps I can recommend to use only {ITEM.VALUE} macro because {ITEM.LASTVALUE} may mislead in some cases.


    In Attachment you can see in trigger {ITEM.VALUE} = {ITEM.LASTVALUE} so i suppose zabbix plugin trigger information so there isn't problem side zabbix plugin

    Howerer , an interesting information is in event information . (please see in attachment file )

    So is it possible to have this information in plugin zabbix ( new column events )

    Thanks Benoit

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  • weixin_39928787 weixin_39928787 5月前

    Unfortunately, an image was compressed. Can you attach high-res picture?

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  • weixin_39761255 weixin_39761255 5月前


    Please find new image


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    Unfortunately, an image was compressed. Can you attach high-res picture?

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  • weixin_39928787 weixin_39928787 5月前

    Can you trace api request for this case? Because for triggers I just use api flags for expanding macros.

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