2020-12-07 03:39 阅读 0

get_users(): can we get root/admin (junos)?

In junos it seems that there are two static users - root and admin, can we get them when we do get_users()?


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  • weixin_39599454 weixin_39599454 2020-12-07 03:39

    get_users() can get admin but cannot get root-authentication

    In [15]: device.get_users() Out[15]: {'admin': {u'level': 0, u'password': u'**', u'sshkeys': []}, 'remote'*: {u'level': 0, u'password': u'', u'sshkeys': []}}

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  • weixin_39796878 weixin_39796878 2020-12-07 03:39

    I'd recommend having two different issues to track these changes. The root issue should be quite straightforward to implement (or at least it only involves changes in the junos driver). The other one requires modifying the base definition of the method and implementing the change in all the drivers so it requires more work. In any case, I think both changes are fine, we just need someone to implement them :P

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  • weixin_39899776 weixin_39899776 2020-12-07 03:39

    I'm changing this to target Junos and see if I can raise a PR to get this fixed.

    Will open a new one on ios.

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  • weixin_39899776 weixin_39899776 2020-12-07 03:39

    sent a PR to this but it seems can't get Travis passed...can you take a look?

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