2020-12-07 09:27

Split the Elements notebooks into pieces

This issue summarises a discussion I've have with and

We would like to get rid of the existing elements notebooks and have an Elements section in the website sidebar which expands with a list of all the elements. At the top of this list would be a navigation page showing a grid of thumbnails for all the different backends.

Each element notebook would then show how that element is constructed across backends. This proposal has the following advantages: 1. Makes it easier to add new elements (no need to update the whole notebook) 2. Makes it easier to test elements (identify which element went wrong given a failure) 3. Makes it easier to update those notebook tests 4. Make it easier to compare elements across backends.

To generate thumbnails, we would use a notebook archive. These thumbnails would be shown in a grid and there could be buttons to toggle the thumbnails between backends (unsupported elements would be greyed out appropriately).

This could all be organized in doc in an Elements subdirectory. For instance, I can imagine the following file paths:



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  • weixin_39920415 weixin_39920415 5月前

    Thanks for the summary!

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  • weixin_40007668 weixin_40007668 5月前

    I still need to do Surface and Trisurface otherwise this is ready.

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  • weixin_39636696 weixin_39636696 5月前

    I think we also decided to do something similar for the container notebooks in the end.

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  • weixin_40007668 weixin_40007668 5月前

    Added Surface and Trisurface today, closing.

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