2020-12-08 18:13

Hide settled channels

Problem Definition

Opening and closing channels would mean that the UI will show all channels the user created. This issue is to suggest we add some UI utility which would enable me to toggle (show/hide) settled channels.


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  • weixin_39950867 weixin_39950867 5月前

    Actually, settled channels should be removed from the node state, and shouldn't show up at all ?

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  • weixin_39592789 weixin_39592789 5月前

    Channels are removed once their state is no longer required, and the APIs always report the latest state, so yes, the channels will eventually be removed.

    A channel state being no longer required means: - The channel was settled and there is not unlocks to be done - The channel had all the unlocks done

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  • weixin_39592789 weixin_39592789 5月前

    is this still a problem?

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  • weixin_39612228 weixin_39612228 5月前

    On my side settled channels are no longer listed on the webui so I would say no it is not still a problem.

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