2020-12-08 18:35

running az ad app update generates "string indices must be integers" error

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Describe the bug

Command Name az ad app update


string indices must be integers
Traceback (most recent call last):
Temp\pip-install-p8t_6awn\knack\knack\cli.py, ln 206, in invoke
azure\cli\core\commands\__init__.py, ln 603, in execute
azure\cli\core\commands\__init__.py, ln 661, in _run_jobs_serially
azure\cli\core\commands\__init__.py, ln 652, in _run_job
azure\cli\command_modules\role\commands.py, ln 69, in graph_err_handler
azure\cli\core\commands\__init__.py, ln 631, in _run_job
azure\cli\core\commands\__init__.py, ln 306, in __call__
azure\cli\core\commands\arm.py, ln 515, in handler
azure\cli\command_modules\role\custom.py, ln 964, in update_application
azure\cli\command_modules\role\custom.py, ln 1003, in _build_application_accesses
TypeError: string indices must be integers

To Reproduce:

Steps to reproduce the behavior. Note that argument values have been redacted, as they may contain sensitive information.

  • Put any pre-requisite steps here...
  • az ad app update --id {} --required-resource-accesses {}

Expected Behavior

Environment Summary

Python 3.6.6
Shell: powershell.exe

azure-cli 2.0.75 *
azure-cli-iot-ext 0.8.3

alias 0.5.2
azure-cli-iot-ext 0.8.3
azure-devops 0.13.0
interactive 0.4.3
storage-preview 0.2.8
vm-repair 0.2.2
webapp 0.2.24

Additional Context


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  • weixin_39705435 weixin_39705435 5月前

    add to S162.

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  • weixin_39640543 weixin_39640543 5月前

    Hi , we cannot repro in our environment. Could you please help provide the complete command for us to investigate?

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  • weixin_39705435 weixin_39705435 5月前

    Hi , any feedback/update?

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  • weixin_39720865 weixin_39720865 5月前


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