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Web GUI Backup

Feature Request!

Implement Web GUI Backup Import/Export


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  • weixin_39859055 weixin_39859055 2020-12-08 18:54

    +1, it would be awesome if we could specify a backup location into the docker container, and essentially have some basic backup implemented

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  • weixin_39607837 weixin_39607837 2020-12-08 18:54

    I want this feature too so I can automate setup from my configuration management system.

    Here’s my crack at a design write up for v1 of this feature: https://www.notion.so/jitl/Heimdall-Backup-Restore-design-7cb69703ffad4d6a8cb2e036e3bcd7c2

    Let me know what you think. Once Kode or another maintainer reviews the design, I’ll get started on implementation. CC

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  • weixin_39897749 weixin_39897749 2020-12-08 18:54

    Full Backup would be nice. But I personally would just like to see an Import/export feature in the GUI for the apps. Just like bookmarks in an browser. This way you can easily setup a new user.

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  • weixin_39834328 weixin_39834328 2020-12-08 18:54

    just FYI, i had to move my heimdall install inside a docker container. i was able to find the database file. in docker, it's found in /config/www/app.sqlite. i stopped the container and got that file. then i created a new container in a different server and started it up to initialize everything. then i stopped the new container. copied the app.sqlite file to the new container and started it up. everything transferred over.

    i'm not sure how the file structure is set up outside a docker container install though but hope my info helps you. it's not a web gui but it is possible

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