2020-12-08 19:06

camera-ip-conf make failing -- best practice for includes <case:457889>

Trying to build camera-ip-conf at /home/user/ansel/tiscamera/tools/camera-ip-conf per the TIS Wiki here.

During the build, it cannot find various .h files -- there's likely a best-practice, here, but I am forgetting. How should I setup the environment so that make and g++ properly find all needed .h files?

For example, I've done this, but it seems clunky and wrong (although it would eventually work):

First build/make error (no such file Camera.h): 2018-09-25-175302_718x177_scrot

Manually forcing it within ConsoleManager.h by suppliying a relative path to Camera.h does work but it just bubbles to the next .h that it cannot find:



I'm sure there is a better way, so I am simply asking for the best practice here to make the build/make work when it cannot find '.h' files.

There is the -I option for g++, but that would mean I am editing TIS makefiles, so that also seems clunky and wrong.

Perhaps the environment variables CPATH or CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH?


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  • weixin_39952800 weixin_39952800 4月前

    Progress! adding export in front of CPATH=/home/user/ansel/tiscamera/src/tcam-network/ produced further progress, but now stuck on: No rule to make target 'CameraDiscovery.o', needed by 'camera-ip-conf-cli'


    Stuck again...ideas?

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  • weixin_39952800 weixin_39952800 4月前

    WAIT! I was overcomplicating things! I of course did all the steps under "Building tiscamera" and I just realized that all of the tools were built as part of that and placed under builds. Well, I feel silly. Closing this ticket.

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  • weixin_39951419 weixin_39951419 4月前


    Please do not feel silly. When I started with Linux coming from many years using Windows, I made the same errors as you.


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  • weixin_39952800 weixin_39952800 4月前

    Neither CPATH nor CPLUS_INCLUDE_PATH seem to work...

    Reviewing CMakeLists.txt at /home/user/ansel/tiscamera/tools/camera-ip-conf/CMakeLists.txt would seem to indicate that CMAKE_SOURCEDIR would do the trick...but it did not.

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