2020-12-08 19:11

Question on AlwaysOn and SharePoint dbs

Details of the scenario you try and problem that is occurring: I'm using xSqlServer resources to pre-stage the SharePoint databases and then I mount them using the SharePointdsc resources. This works fine but I would like to move the dbs into Alwayson groups using dsc. I know there is the SPDatabaseAAG resource to do that but I don't get the concept. What do I need to configure as dbserver when creating the databases? I don't want to change the configuration in the process but I can't use the Alwayson group name to create the database (or can I?). Currently I'm using SQLAlias to switch between server\instance name and Alwayson name. The sql team moves the dbs for me and then I change the configuration to use the Alias pointing to the Always on group. It works but I would like to automate the complete process. Could you provide a configuration example for a new content database including the move to AlwaysOn?

Thanks for the great work!


The DSC configuration that is using the resource: SPDatabaseAAG SPContentDatabase SPFarm ...

Version of the Operating System and PowerShell the DSC Target Node is running: Windows 2012 R2, WMF5.1, SQL 2016, SharePoint 2016

Version of the DSC module you're using: 1.6


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